Warpaint & Massive Attack LIVE in London!

A few weeks ago I saw an ad in the paper about the British Summertime Festival happening in Hyde Park here in London where I live.

The festival runs over a period of 3 days packing some of the best bands and live acts together that you could possibly squeeze into a weekend!

And the line-up for the Friday had my name written all over it. Massive Attack & Warpaint! Two of my most favourite bands of ALL time! And including Patti Smith – someone I’ve been wanting to see live for a long time!

I KNEW I was meant to go to this gig. But unfortunately I also knew I was flat broke (or “Skint” as we say here in London!), so no way I could afford the cost of the gig.

WTF?? 😣🙄🤔

So I had a quiet word with my angels.

I said to them “Make this happen for me. Please open up this door and show me some magic!”

And I thought nothing more of it.

Then a few weeks later, and a few days before the gig, I saw another ad in the paper for the event. And mentioned it to my man, Greg, about how much I wanted to go but was completely broke. Bums. He sympathised. I remained unattached… We don’t always get what we want right?

Then Friday 1st July rolls around, the first day of the British Summertime Festival, and the day where Massive Attack were headlining, supported by Warpaint.

It was just another normal day at the office for me. And no big plans for the evening. Until I get a text from my man at 2:30pm:

“Hey baby, my friend has massive attack tickets for £10. Would you be up for it? “


Let me think about this…



So this girl got to go to the ball!

Got to see her most favourite bands ever!

Got to be inspired by the best rock and electro legends of all time.

Got to remember why she loves to write music so much and what the end goal is: to inspire hope and love in people.

Got to find out how sensitive the Universe and Earth Angels are to her heart’s desires.

Got to enjoy the moment with the beautiful people who made it happen for her.

Got to realise that her friends are beautiful Earth Angels!

Got to learn that if she really wants something, and knows how good it is for her spirit, she just has to ask.


Maria Lua x