Shaun’s Song

Last year I was contacted by someone in Australia who’s brother Shaun had just passed away unfortunately, and he wanted me to help with preparing a song for his funeral.

The twist in this tale is that Shaun (who passed away) had been a song writer and musician himself, and his brother (who had contacted me) had the lyrics for one of Shaun’s unfinished songs. And he wanted me to produce it into a finished song which could be played in his memory.

So it did just that. I took the lyrics and arranged them into a song with a chorus and verses, and came up with the melody, and recorded it in my own home studio.

Here it is:



What do you think? Aren’t the lyrics so so true of life? Isn’t it amazing that this beautiful spirit left behind such poignant words of wisdom that we can all now enjoy and use to help us learn and live our own lives? Do you not agree that he has left the world more beautiful than he has found it?


Some mornings I wake up and listen to Shaun’s song and I don’t feel alone in my experiences. I feel that we are all the same. And we all feel the same things. It also inspires me to keep my heart open and my feet on the ground and my vision clear on exactly what I’m here to do, which is to feel whatever pain and joy come my way. Not to shut down in fear. And to never give up on my dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem.


No matter what happens in this life, we should never give up on our dreams and taking daily steps towards making them happen. We will never know what difference they can make to someone, somewhere, somehow. And they will certainly make a difference to the most important person in this equation – ourselves.


I would love to know just one thing that you feel you could leave behind that others may benefit from. Nothing big. Maybe a great recipe? A little lesson you learned? A life tip? A house keeping tip? Or just some advice? I’d love to hear it. Just off the top of your head … Share a comment below!


Love you

Maria x

PS This was shared with Shaun’s family’s blessing