4 Songs to Freedom

  Are you a Spirit who longs to fly free? But wary of jumping and falling? Do you feel like you’ll let your life pass you by If you don’t take this chance to fly? You above all have seen just what can happen, When you have no heart in your life. So do you either slump and cry? Or go with your dream and take flight?   In the past you have tried to ignore your bright passion. It’s way too much effort, or just not in fashion. You have tried to fly without your soul ignited, But this
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7 Steps to Achieving your Dream

When I was 17 I had a big dream. I wanted to write songs and share them with the world through inspiring music. So I learnt to play the guitar. I began to write songs. I joined a band. And after a few years I decided to leave my hometown in south east Africa in search of my dream life in the big city across the seas. London town! But I was not exactly living the dream. My expectations of becoming instantly famous were not materialising. And at 18 I was too immature and scared of hard work to keep a
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