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Maria Lua LIVE in Dorking, 15 April 2014

So we are out of the studio and our musical honeymoon is but a beautiful memory. And now there is only one thing left to do: Jump on stage and play some live LOVE-inspired Folk World music for you all! If music stirs your spirit and uplifts you, then this show is definitely for you! So don’t stay in, come out to play Join me and my 4-piece ba...

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Lyrics to Fly

I love to express myself. To say things out loud. To sing out loud. To music. When writing lyrics I choose words and phrases that mean something to me, and that will unlock hidden energy and healing through my expression of them. Just like an affirmation or mantra. Here are the lyrics to my single “Fly”. I wrote this song in 2003, after being away...

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The Human Race – My Latest Music Video

Last summer after our wedding, my husband Mark and I travelled the world like gypsies for 6 months! We travelled to far off distant lands and met the world and the human race at it’s own doorstep. It was the most soul-expanding, fun, crazy, wonderful, educational, life-enhancing experience of our lives…and that was in just the first week! It only g...

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How I write my Songs

I believe writing a song is like painting a picture. When painting a picture I try to capture my real-world experiences onto a blank canvas with brushes and paints. It is a true in-the-moment expression of how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing in my life. A song is also an expression of what is happening to me as the songwriter at a speci...

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4 Songs to Freedom

Are you a Spirit who longs to fly free? But wary of jumping and falling? Do you feel like you’ll let your life pass you by If you don’t take this chance to fly?   You above all have seen just what can happen, When you have no heart in your life. So do you either slump and cry? Or go with your dream and take flight? In the past you have tried t...

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7 Steps to Achieving your Dream

When I was 17 I had a big dream. I wanted to write songs and share them with the world through inspiring music. So I learnt to play the guitar. I began to write songs. I joined a band. And after a few years I decided to leave my hometown in search of my dream life in the big city across the seas. It was only then that the real work began for me. In...

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A Bohemian Wedding, going Gypsy and Honeymooning at Glastonbury Festival!

2012 was a quiet year for me. I was retreating from the world. I was resting. Things were calm. 2013 was NOT a quiet year! I was back in the throng of the work-force. I was grabbing opportunities and making plans and starting businesses. But nothing could have prepared me for the month of June. In June 2013, all within the space of 4 short weeks, 3...

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